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Life Path Number 3

Already subscribed. While the Birth numbers disclose which road you walk on, the Expression numbers tell the flair and character you use in doing so. Those believing in reincarnation say the Birth Number shows what lesson you need to learn in this lifetime, while the Name number shows your personality traits you carried over into this life. Just as we do with Birth numbers, we determine Name numbers by reducing the number values, only this time, we use our name as a guideline.

Each letter is assigned a number. Your Name number is Since we end with a Master Number there is no need to reduce. The following are the basic aspects each number conveys, putting your numerology results to use. Remember that 11 and 22 are Master numbers, so read accordingly.

All about wanting partnership and collaboration; working best as a twosome; loyal subordinates; holds true in love relationships as well as business partnership; rarely ambitious for material success but do appreciate their efforts bearing fruit; very much about friendship, soul mates and romance; gentle by nature; love communicating and are at their best in the company of others; patience, diplomatic; receptive; balanced. Highly individualistic; tendency to be dogmatic and egoistic; makes good authoritarian leaders in highly disciplined situations; obsession with attaining perfection which may cause you to lose sight of reality; naturally creative, innovative and artistic; good in communication; love self-expression.

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Emotionally sensitive; optimistic and see the good side in things; generally happier than most; has the potential for literary excellence; rarely super ambitious and not strongly motivated by money; place great emphasis on your relationships; can be emotionally weak; stubborn; dedicated; disciplined; dependable; over-cautious; has hidden impulse and talent to build and to create. You have powerful aura around you; great charisma; magnetic; often worshipped by those who get close to them; blessed with good fortune most of their lives; rarely short of friends; exude peaceful and calm demeanor; good listeners; nurturing; helpful; trustworthy; compassionate; love to serve; self-righteous, tend to worry too much.

Smart; focused; extremely analytical in the way you think; think beyond their immediate world; great intellects; deep thinker; excellent power of concentration; always on the move; intuitive; spiritual, solitary; secretive. You may access a higher spiritual plane than single-digit people. Sometimes the attributes of the master number 11 can also apply to those born on the 11th day; or to those born on January 1.

Usually excel at school; possess special concentrative abilities; become increasingly spiritual as they grow older; visionary; teacher; idealistic; sensitive; perfectionist; aloof. A Master builder - you have the urge to build and create as you mature. You are as awesome in their mental powers of concentration as a Number Many people with the number 22 succeed in amassing some significant wealth. You are practical, honest and peaceful but can be manipulative and extreme in the things you do.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the meaning of your birth number, you can go deeper and look into other numbers that are embedded inside the birth date. We will look at how the Birth number combines with other numbers that are aspects of you.

Hence we look at the total birth date and then also look at the day and month components of your date of birth. It is worth to note that although two people may have the same birth number, it does not mean they are the same. For instance, two people may tend to be volatile and quick tempered, yet this same volatility of temperament could bring great good fortune to one and abject misfortune to the other. Thus reading Birth Number indications should merely be the starting point to understanding the essence of you.

For the numbers to work for you, it is a good idea to look further for embedded combinations. The Birth Number is one of the numerical destiny indicators that reveal our tendencies and affinities. But note that these affinities are heavily influenced by other numbers embedded inside the birth date, which create combinations of numbers that give additional clues about our luck. There are combinations of numbers embedded in your date of birth that bring hidden good fortune. You just need to learn how to detect them, and to activate those combinations that work strongly in your favor.

In many instances, looking at number combinations offers a more detailed numerology reading that looking at the Birth Number or Name Number alone. Whether or not they get activated and manifest as real good fortune depends on how you respond to the opportunities and people who come your way and enter your life. Significant numbers are embedded in your Birth Number — as two- and three-number combinations — that can offer very positive indications of good luck.

So it is important to know what these number combinations are. Here are the combinations to look out for:. Example 1 Say you are trying to harness the luck from the power of Sum-of-ten. The way to use the sum-of-ten combination is to look at your lucky number.

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You can designate your lucky number by whichever method you wish — it can be your Birth Number Life Path Number , your Name number Expression Number , your Kua Number , or your Taoist lucky number from your day of birth number. Once you know your lucky number then the number that creates a sum-of-ten combination with your lucky number brings completion luck for you, giving you the ability to bring all of your projects to fruition. The sum-of-ten can also be a wealth-enhancing number. For instance, if 8 is your lucky number then creating the presence of 2 and 8 will be excellent, either as a house number, as a car number or simply wearing the numbers 2 and 8.

Needless to say, the combination of the 2 and 8 is excellent during this period as these are the numbers that indicate the direct and indirect spirits of the current Period of 8. The Parent String Specials and White Stars Combination work the same way but here all three numbers must somehow be present so they can be seen as digits rather than numbers per se. The parent string combination overcomes many of the afflictions of feng shui. The Day Number is 11, which itself is a very special number see above Master Number.

This particular date of birth also indicates an embedded trinity of combination of number that signifies extreme good fortune. This trinity of numbers are the day, month, and year respectively that signify the date of birth, with each reduced to a single digit.

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Together the number 2,5,8 create the trinity of earth numbers, which blend amazingly well with the Birth Number 6. This is because the number 6 is a heaven number and with heaven and earth present in your birth date number, there is created within your life the all-powerful trinity of tien ti ren — or earth, heaven and mankind. If you are this person, to enhance or harness the luck from your birthdate even more, you can use more regularly the number 2,5,8 together plus 6 in your phone number, car plate, wear these numbers as accessories , and so forth. Note also that the Day Number is 12, which is reduced to a 3.

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You can get your lucky number charms here :. Many cultures have chanted vowel sounds for thousands of years to elevate themselves to a trance or higher state of consciousness.

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Therefore, identifying your vowels can help to discover your higher purpose or motivation. This is used to help you understand what drives you, what you want to be in your life, and how to accomplish it.

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Relationships you treasure can also be revealed here. The Personality number reveals your interaction with the world.